Get rid of Louisa Lim

Rhotacism- VOCAL PROBLEM - PRONOUNCING 'R' - a defective utterance of the /r/ sounds
a sort of lisping - as 'weally, quite attwactive' for 'really, quite attractive'.
an example of faulty articulation; a speech disorder consisting of imperfect pronunciation of the r sound.

Beware Louisa Lim's tongue!

Why does NPR employ Louisa Lim, a journalist with a speech impediment called rhotacism? Her WepoWts on NoWth KoWea aWe impossible to listen to. EveWy time Lim WepoWts I Wun foW the Wadio dial. Translation: Replace the "W" with an "r".

Watching the Princess Bride, there is an aisle rolling, hilarious scene with a priest with a rhotacism lisp. On The Big Bang Theory, Barry Kripke, an unlikable co-worker of Leonard and Sheldon, has a case of rhotacism where he pronounces "r" and "l" as "w". And we can't forget Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes.

Often employed as a humorous element at best, a speech impediment, in fact, a journalist with irritating, distracting, and unprofessional speech doesn't belong on the Wadio.