A great obit

When Charlie Wilson died last week, the obits included some great stories including these:

It was never easy getting Wilson reelected in the heart of the Bible Belt. TV advertising man, Mark McCannon, who worked for Wilson, recalls how nearly every campaign, they had to cope was some embarrassing revelation about Wilson's after hours activities. The problem was, Wilson wasn't ever really embarrassed. At the beginning of one contest, Wilson called his strategist into his office.

Mr. MARK MCCANNON (Strategist for Charlie Wilson, Former): "We sat down and he (Wilson) said, 'Boys, you know what? I know we had a lot of issues in past campaigns that were difficult to deal with, but I want to reassure you this time it's going to be easier. Because I've settled down, met a good Christian woman; she sings in the church choir, doesn't drink a lick, I love her, and we're planning on getting married - just as soon as she graduates from high school.'"

And then there was this story:

Charlie Wilson's tryst with a stunningly beautiful Russian model was no joke. The two were seen together everywhere in Washington. When Wilson announced they were getting married, politicians on both sides of the aisle were aghast. The Congressman from East Texas knew more about American military spending and the CIA than practically any man alive. What in the world was Charlie whispering to her under the covers? He was called before a Congressional committee and ordered to explain. Wilson told them to relax, saying, the only secret I'm giving her is Victoria's Secret. It was an answer they could all believe, nevertheless, Good Time Charlie broke it off with the Soviet model not long after.