Potato and Greens Soup

Like so many of my winter soups, I start with a butter and onion base and add what I have available. A little experimentation is fun.

Any pretty little potatoes will do.
I like the bite of mustard greens, but any greens are fine.

With a base of butter, vidalia onions and leeks, I diced small potatoes and sauteed the lot. After adding water the soup was boiled until the potatoes were almost cooked.

Add fresh mustard greens and kale.

Corn on the cob is off season and pricey, so I settled for adding a can of corn kernals found on sale at Bells for 0.25ea. If fresh corn is available use two cobs.

Add 2-4 veggie bouillon cubes. Add water as needed to just cover the mix. Cook another 5 minutes. If fresh corn is used, it will take a little longer to allow the corn to cook.

Add 1-1&1/2 cp milk. Warm and serve.