Southerners' Snow Fears

To be fair, I'll start by saying that I had a sled and iceskated as a kid, so I have to wonder about the fear which snow strikes in the hearts of my fellow Georgians. Already as of 8:30 AM, Arts!Oglethorpe has cancelled its performance for tonight. Schools are cancelled or will have early release. The lines at Kroger were ridiculously long. (Yes, I was there to buy bread and milk, among other things, but Friday is my normal grocery day.) The usual Dufus was shoving cans on top of the fruit. There was only one line open and ten people with cartfuls standing in that line, as the smaller orders went to self-checkout. Even northern based Kroger can't take "snow" seriously in the South. In short, there had better be snow,and a hell of a lot of it.*

*"hell of a lot" defined as at least 16 inches or more!