Hot Chocolate Party

With all the talk of the Tea Party I am wary of announcing that, yes, I am a tea drinker.

In our home we have a tea drawer filled with herbal teas, caffeine free teas, and even one caffeinated tea for those mornings when I just can't get going. (With milk and sugar please.) Also in the drawer are the tea balls, tea scoops and tea biscuits.

We don't drink coffee. Period. I hate the flavor but love the smell. My husband is strictly caffeine free, shunning wheat and dark breads that add chocolate. Check the ingredients if you also find that shocking, I did! As a mom of two, I prefer caffeine free kids, who as little ones could bounce around for hours on one glass of southern iced tea. That's the tea my husband calls "church tea". If you've attended a Baptist church potluck in the South, you'll know what he means. Locally, the Varsity serves a mega size church tea that'll keep the whole family up for hours.

All this brings me to hot chocolate. This is the mom exception to the no caffeinated drinks preference. It would be cruel to deny children hot cocoa on a cold winter morning or after an hour playing outside from late fall to early spring. Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, with or without marshmallows, but never low fat, caffeine free cocoa. Every child should have cocoa.

So if you ask whether I'm tea party or the new coffee party, I will reply, "Hot chocolate party". Then I'll leave you to discuss politics while I go have a cup of cocoa with my kids. (They talk politics more intelligently than most of my fundamentalist neighbors.)