Pretty Little Things

Being a rock hound runs in my family. My paternal grandparents used to drive to the Southwest US, visit friends, and search for rocks. Retiring early, Granddaddy set up a jeweler's shop of sorts and would fix jewelry and set stones for folks in his small town. Growing up, I received garnet bracelets and turquoise rings as gifts. Now rocks stick out of my potted plants, I love stone jewelry, and enjoy gem and mineral shows.
My son Peter has caught the rock hound bug too. With over 300 rocks in his collection, Peter has a few favorites. Family friend and neighbor Greg Jones, a long time collector, gave Peter the fossilized coral(center). Crystals have grown in the hollow of the stone. Behind the fossil, clockwise from the top are Utah Ice (white)and Rose Quartz. In front are amethyst (purple), goldstone (orange), and Arkansas quartz in the bottom left side.