It's a good thing...

I don't have violent tendancies and own a gun because right now my dryer would have multiple gun shot wounds.

Well it finally happened, the dryer gave up the ghost 2 yrs and 2 months after I purchased it and 2 months post warranty.

The replacement part for the one thing I know is dead is 110.00 plus S/H. I think I can connect it, but that leaves me with a second possibly bad part if the start knob, which has been wonky for a while, is also dead. I won't know until the timer/cycle knob is replaced. The price of one is a third of a new dryer cost. The cost of both puts me well over half the cost of a new one. If this were a fancy model I could see the repair cost at 125-250 MAYBE being worth it, but it was a $300 model.

Tomorrow I dissect the bad part and see if I can figure out a fix. I can't screw it up any worse than it is and irregardless it's learning experience-yeah right! Three dryers in a 15 year marriage is a little ridiculous. But hey, we have friends whose dryers have lasted longer than their marriages so I guess there is a bright side.