Awoke this morning to find Dixie Carter of Designing Women has died. Here is my favorite quote from the show:

Julia: I'm saying this is the South. And we're proud of our crazy people. We don't hide them up in the attic. We bring 'em right down to the living room and show 'em off. See, Phyllis, no one in the South ever asks if you have crazy people in your family. They just ask what side they're on.

Phyllis: Oh? And which side are yours on Mrs. Sugarbaker?

Julia: Both.

This quote always resonated with me. Growing up, my Macon side of the family would say, "Poor Cousin Sherry, she's crazy like her Aunt Joyce," who had spent time in Milledgeville. Later my mother would succumb to the same illness, manifesting itself at its worst in hoarding syndrome. Unfortunately, with hoarding it's hard to bring the crazy people into the living room: there's no place to sit.