Why does the shit hit the fan over and over?

WTF is going on? Why does everything break all at once?
New Tires for Toyota plus alignment $421.00
The county still hasn't fixed the road 3 months on so I went from good tread on my tires to no tread in 3 months and a major alignment problem.
Front and Rear Brakes for Toyota $367.00
Dryer - timer is screwed so I now have 10 minute cycles
1 Computer Monitor - dead- purchased 3 yrs ago, 2 yr warranty.
Lawn Mower - Frozen blades - repaired but now the drive train belt came off and when it's on, the mower won't go up and down hills, only along them. 2+ acres total, but I mow 3/4 acre now by hand with...
Push Mower - Leaky gas tank
Tiller - no idea! No lettuce planted.
Septic backed up in the house- many hours of cleaning with clorox and water plus $315.00 to pump the 1000 gallon tank which should have been the 1500 gallon tank we paid for.
2 downed pine trees, both over 60 yrs old- massive!
1 half ass chain saw and 2 half broken down middle age adults to tackle it because the tree companies want $600-$1000 to deal with it. Hey! Less lawn to mow!
Dish washer - broken upper shelf
Broken AC in the Honda- Who knows how much? The brakes and tires needed work first.
Front end work on Honda $200- waiting
2 broken door handles and broken automatic windows on Toyota- waiting
Eye exams $100 for two plus glasses for one, maybe 2 but we don't know, haven't gone to the eye doctor -
Sent the kids for dental exams $335 with the news that there's
Possible braces on 1 or 2 kids - $2500-$5000
Blood work and exam for tumor follow up $150.00
Bone Scan later this month with $250 deductible per procedure
Monthly medicine costs $1000- that's the usual bullshit - and yes, we have insurance-that's our share! Two brain tumors later along with 6 weeks of 5 day a week radiation.

Waiting to see what happens next.