Hypocrites. That's the word I think she's looking for.

I came across this in the editorial section today.

Dupuy: GOP believes in science, religion and politics

It's not easy denying evolution while championing social Darwinism. Republicans have a delicate two-step to perform: pro-some-Bible and pro-some-science.

Despite a global scientific consensus on evolution, Republican politicians embrace a literal interpretation of the Bible when it comes to how we all got here.
But their reading gets suddenly metaphorical when it comes to the parts in the Bible about helping the poor.

The Bible is pretty clear about it being easier for a camel to pass through an eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven. And the Republicans are pretty clear on ignoring that part.

Liberals dismiss Republicans as simpletons. That's not true. This anti-some-Bible and anti-some-science dance is very complicated.

See, when Republicans talk about the "free market" and how the "greatest" is chosen by this fabled marketplace -- that's what Charles Darwin described in 1859 as "natural selection" in his book, "Origin of the Species."

So when evolution-denier Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann, R-Minn., says she wants to repeal socialist Obamacare with "free-market" solutions, she's pleading for competition. A competition that, naturally, selects winners and losers.

Republicans are not anti-science entirely, they're anti ... sometimes.
How anti-science can you be with an iPhone in your pocket?

Yet seven out of eight GOP candidates proudly deny evolution as just a theory while debating under Reagan's Air Force One in his presidential library, never questioning aerodynamics or gravity -- which are also, technically, just theories.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry proudly proclaims his belief in vaccinations to thwart cervical cancer -- a very science-y stance -- but not in laws to thwart climate change.

Like I said, Republicans are not all-in on being against science. The GOP treats science as their illegitimate love child. They deny its existence for political purposes, while quietly funneling child support to it.

Republicans are not Luddites. Republicans are for technology. They don't want to actually live in the 18th century; they just want to idealize it.

Still, they boast proudly of having a bigger and better presence on Twitter and Facebook than Democrats. This is the party that sees endless uses for Predator drones and embraces all innovations with military applications.

How exactly do you drug-test welfare recipients without science? You don't. How does one "drill, baby, drill" or remove the tops of mountains without employing someone who knows their way around the periodic table? You don't.

Then, of course, they treat the Bible as their political wife dutifully standing by their side in photo ops, nodding in support of everything they say.

And as much as the GOP has a reputation for pandering to churchgoers, their platform contradicts biblical teachings. Jesus was not a banker or a CEO. He was labor.
Yet Republicans claim a monopoly on Christianity and use it as a prop. It's part of the stagecraft for their political image. But just like science, when the Bible has something in it they don't like, they just deny it and move on.

So Republicans do believe in science and in the Bible.
They just believe in politics first.

• Tina Dupuy is an award-winning writer and managing editor of the political blog Crooks and Liars.