My new camera

After borrowing my partner's Kodak (bleck!)digital camera for far too long, I finally have my own digital camera. Stuck in the 35mm era, when I wanted to post something online, it was the Kodak for the fastest post option. This new Pentax K10 joins my Pentax sf10 and my Pentax pz20. Sensing a Pentax trend? Well, when I started photographing my dad suggested Pentax because the lenses would fit any other Pentax, film or digital, and the Tamron brand which is a cheaper substitute, offered the same. So I go into the digital revolution- 10 years late- with other lens in hand: the 18-55MM included, a 75-300mm lens, a 28-200 lens and a 1.4 tele-converter extension to use with all of them. I've loaned a few lenses out, so if you remember my loaning you a lens, now's a great time to return it. There was a particularly nice wide angle lens I'm referring to!

Dad's picture of me in Rothenburg, West Germany, with my first camera.