To Inskeep (verb): To rudely interrupt for the purpose of stating the obvious.

Once again NPR's Steve Inskeep has interrupted with the obvious. This morning while interviewing Tina Brown (The Daily Beast), he once AGAIN interrupted his guest. As she was discussing the Stasi, he interrupted by stating the OBVIOUS. "...uh,uh, now the Stasi were the secret police of East Germany...". Who do think your listeners are, NPR? Rush or Coulter fans?? Please drop the interruptions. Though some interruptions do provide us with laughter for years afterwards like the time Inskeep interviewed a New Zealand journalist about the death of Sir Edmund Hillary. During the interview the journalist says "Sir Edmund". Inskeep replies, "So you said Sir Edmund. You knew him personally?" The astonished journalist then has to inform Inskeep that the title when knighted designates the standard address as Sir + First Name As Commonly Used. When NPR ran the interview in the second round, curiously, Inskeep's comment and the reply had been deleted.