You mean my vote could count?

With the electoral process my vote hasn't counted for years. I live in GA which swings Republican. All the electoral votes go to the winner. The electoral college actually usurps the popular vote and at times the winner isn't the person with the most popular votes, rather, it's the one with the most electoral votes. So basically my voice/vote is lost, meaningless.

Now with Romney headed towards the Republican nomination, a curious scenario may present to GA voters come Fall 2012. Who will the white majority Southern Baptists vote for? It seems to be their vote which sways the state. So when faced with a Romney v. Obama choice for President, many Georgians will be left to choose between a Mormon or a black man. Oh my, can you imagine the bigots wringing their hands, "A BLACK man? OR! a Cult follower in magic underwear?" Too funny I say. To us outsiders there's a chance our vote might count. While I'm not an Obama fan (I wrote in Hillary's name last time), I would be forced to vote Obama this time if I felt that the Southern Baptists would stay away from voting for either Romney or Obama. That would leave Democrats and Blacks left to vote for Obama with Republican businessmen following Romney in much smaller numbers.

Could my vote finally count?