Busy as a Bee, Part 2

The is an upstairs hall closet that needed to be redone. It went from housing military uniforms to athletic wear. Now retired, uniforms went into the attic for permanent storage.


The top shelf holds shorts and running braces on the far right. Hanging from L-R are Long pants, shirts, and then jackets to the right.

If it isn't broke, don't fix it. The laundry basket works well for him. Tossing in a lightly soiled set of running togs for a second or third run, the basket is the perfect drop spot. This is an example of a habit that works. Previously, he kept the basket in another closet next to regular clothes. In creating a sports closet, the basket became our starting point.

The oodles of shoes must be better controlled. See RECOMMENDATIONS below.

Our goal was to work with what we had. However, in the near future a set of plastic drawers with 2 DEEP drawers should be placed on the floor to the right of the laundry basket. The shorts from the top shelf should be moved into the new drawers and the majority of shoes should be put on the top shelf. (First, line the shelf. Cardboard will do fine.) The shorts folded on the top shelf won't stay neat for long. Drawers that thin running shorts will be tossed into are ideal. Keep 2 pairs (max.) of shoes in the floor with shoe inserts.
TIP: For shoes that are seldom worn, stuff newspaper inside. It works in so many ways. The paper helps the shoes retain their shape, and it absorbs dampness and odors. No cobwebs either!