Busy as a Bee, Part 3

The linen closet

Sometimes you don't need a big change. Don't create work unnecessarily.

Space was found for a vacuum cleaner. Collapsible travel bags for weekenders were placed on a lower shelf. The larger luggage went into the attic for those once-a-year week long vacations.

In the end, we had a cardboard box of oddballs like socks he didn't want to get rid of. I recommended that he buy a plastic box with lid that will fit on the empty shelf for the odds-and-ends.

We actually redid the coat closet downstairs, but no pictures are available. It was very necessary in the end because the upstairs closets had overcoats and outer jackets mixed in. When we took the outerwear downstairs, we discovered dry cleaning mixed in. We took five minutes to clear out the odds-and-ends which found a home upstairs in one of the other 6 closets. Coats were organized for temperature and gloves and knit caps were stacked on the shelf. It was a quick redo which left no room for future dry cleaning.
Only one coat remains upstairs. Worn only for black tie winter occasions, it made more sense to stay in the bow tie and formal suits closet.