Busy as a Bee, Part 4

The closet in the guest room.
Forget about sharing closet space with the guests here. After all, guests only stay a night or two. These clothes are staying!


The hat collection is now in one closet. We had an overabundance of cup hooks and these worked perfectly. Just the week before he had asked why the previous homeowner needed cup hooks under every kitchen shelf. We found a great use for them.

Seldom worn ski wear and boots found a place at the far end of the closet. Turning the boots sideways, we had room for 2 pairs side-by-side, two deep.

A mirror from a recent bathroom remodel no longer had a home, so we put it against the back of the closet wall. Mirrors can be expensive so he wanted to keep it for future remodeling.
This closet became to spot for casual shoes.
The clothes in this closet are seldom worn or off season.