Busy as a Bee, Part 5

And now for the Master Suite closets.
Two closets, one walk in and one with folding doors line a hall connecting the master bedroom with the master bathroom.
The walk-in gave us the most problems. The closet lay out came from the previous home owners and opting to save time and money, we decided to make no changes. This caused some switching in the end that cost us time, but we managed to make it work.


This became the formal wear closet.

The awkward L shape and shelves that overlapped layers was worked around.
On the top were the suit jackets. One the bottom were slacks and very nice shorts (golf wear, etc). The areas where shelves overlapped provided storage for extra hangers.

The shoe boxes at top left are empty. Shoe boxes always come in handy; keep a few if you've got the room. On the far right top shelf, there are small boxes for bow ties and silk handkerchiefs. A very nice suit coat for tuxedo and black tie occasions hangs at the extreme right near the formal wear. The length of the coat and the limited use with formal wear dictated that it was placed in the corner of the formal wear closet.