Busy as a Bee

7 closets 5 hours
Let's Start with the best closet redo.

The client had a box filled, cluttered study with a closet that needed a redo. I snapped the before pictures of the closet and then took off to explore all the other closets. I came back later to discover the room was also on the list. Apparently a lot of the clothes that needed to be in the closet were everywhere in the room and in other closets too. If I had known, I would have shot pictures of the room before.

Trust me, the room was full when we started.
And now for the closet AFTER

When the client said he loved t-shirts he wasn't kidding. To the far left are events shirts from road races, distinguished by hanging on plastic hangers. The bulk of the shirts hanging are his usual t-shirts. The belt loop with 30+ belts works for him so it's hanging next to seldom worn pants or out-of-season pants. This is what he calls his primary overflow closet. It's mostly for casual wear.

The top shelf came in handy because he had little drawer space (One dresser with 5 drawers.) Bulky jeans are folded and placed in two stacks to the left. The middle stack are work pants for painting and working around the house. The two stacks at the far right are "too small" shorts waiting for the day those few inches disappear and then the shorts will move into the limited drawer space.

The stairs angle beneath the closet so there's a strange little bump into the closet floor. Idea: Rest shoes at an angle.
The storage bins in the floor also contain t-shirts. He doesn't wear them, but doesn't want to part with them.
To the left of the storage bins, extra pictures are stored. Out of sight, they are safe from breakage.