Oglethorpe County GA Stinks...of chicken shit

Day three of Chicken Shit HELL here in Oglethorpe County, Georgia, USA.

Every month or two there are several days- upwards of several weeks- of chicken shit hell in Oglethorpe County, Georgia. The local chicken farmers, who have factory farm quantity chicken houses, dump their shit- the actual SHIT- everywhere. They perilously race down the back roads and highways dropping shit as they go. Reaching cow pastures, family held land holdings, and other tracts, they spread TONS of dry shit. And it is TONS because there are MILLIONS of chickens in these chicken houses all over the county.

With no concern for neighbors, the chicken houses are in all parts of the county, adjacent to towns and cities. The house fans blow the smell, the filth, and and waste onto neighboring properties and into waterways. The buffers are so small that people can't open the windows without the fans blowing chicken feathers against the screens and the smells are so bad that many of us can not open the windows at all.

Cook outs for Memorial Day weekend have been cancelled because, once again, our not-nice-at-all neighbors dumped tons of dry shit. Dry is worse because it becomes airborne and spreads the smell and the feces and bacteria everywhere. If only it would rain and wash the filth into the streams and keep the smell down. But then the fish die off and this "fertilizer" causes strange algae growth and die off of other flora and fauna. But, of course, it'll reach the upper 90s this holiday weekend, with no rain in sight, and we are ONCE AGAIN buried in shit in Oglethorpe County, GA.

As for the neighbors, the former slum lord, has now died. The culprit of much of the shit-spreading in my local area, I had hoped that it would end with his death. But alas, the SLUM (the trailer park)remains and chicken shit lines the fields of his home and properties.

His home is for sale at 300 Yancey Rd in Arnoldsville, GA. I can only assume another chicken shit farmer will move in. It borders fields that reek of routine chicken shit spreading. The Trailer-TRASH park remains across the road from the home. We've had three murders in and within 3 miles of the trailer trash park. Drug dealers and drug users and other thieving low life brought in by this eyesore of a "park" have destroyed Arnoldsville, GA. The chicken shit wafting throughout the county has destroyed livability in this county. And the mentality of an county administration which allows whole sale destruction of a county by one group, the chicken farmers, has contributed to the overall destruction of quality of life for Oglethorpe County. This has filtered into all aspects of the county including the High School, which is currently headed by a man called King-of-the-bullies, by the students, and Richard Cranium by the teachers and staff.

If we didn't have a mortgage. we would have left a long time ago.