Forts and More

Now that my kids are getting older and considering where they'll be moving in the next few years, we've started looking at building a small home for them here.

Looking through old photos, I was reminded they have had small places of their own before.

Ages one and three, they shared a cardboard fort/ cardboard house. Made from an old appliance box, it was covered with construction paper and had doors and windows cut with an Exact-o knife,

The outside house was a more ambitious project, but like the first, cost nothing to build. (Unless, you consider all the coins I added to the swear jar.) Using left over materials from a neighbor's building project, I saw a pile of potential. I pulled out enough long boards and realized I had enough for a simple frame playhouse. I used an existing deck as the base. The siding was small left-over ends cut from 8 foot strips and the metal roof had a hole where a stove pipe had been. The windows were old sections of windows that had been replaced. The windows are on hinges at the top. They were propped open by turning a scrap of 2x2 pivoting on a nail. Turn the board to prop open the window. A jig saw used to create a window box at an end window. Big people stooped to stand inside at the roof point, but it was perfect for the little ones. An old round sidetable was painted with a fake table top. Little plastic chairs were brought from inside, and it was tea party time.