Roman Holiday: An Old World College in the New World

Hogwarts? In America?

     We visited Berry College near Rome, GA, for the scenery, not as a college option for our atheist kids.  Repeatedly, our Harry Potter fans referenced the feel of Hogwarts in the old stone buildings.  Definitely Old World in its design, it lacked the imposing heights and grandeur of Hogwarts.  The stone work, arch ways, and grounds around the Ford buildings at Berry College in Rome, GA, are beautiful and dark, inspiring and foreboding.  My husband was reminded of Oxford a bit, but the buildings were wider apart, reflecting the fact that Berry is the world's largest contiguous college campus.

     We visited on a dreary dark morning after a night of heat showers.  The skies were gray, but temps were already in the 80s by 07:30.  The stones were wet and darker than usual.  While the grounds were neatly kept, the landscaping was minimal.  We are accustomed to richness of the UGA arboretum and gardens, so most things pale in comparison.  The uniform design made this campus distinctive from UGA and other campuses.  Recognizing the uniqueness, the Henry Ford buildings are separate from the rest of the campus which reflects its centennial of growth and disparate accumulation of buildings.

     Auto Magnate Henry Ford donated funds for the stone buildings below and his picture hangs over the mantel in the Ford Dining Hall.

The Ford Dining Hall

The Ford Dining Hall was a high vaulted, long hall.  

The wooden entrance seen from inside the hall is above right.  

Donor Henry Ford's picture hangs over the fireplace mantel.