Roman Holiday: Chief Vann's Home

Our last stop was at the Chief Vann House before heading home.
The wealthiest man in the Cherokee nation, Chief Vann built a brick home to rival the white settlers best ambitions.  A trader, he went on to build a small trading empire which offered goods and boarding to anyone who could pay.
 There is a 15 minute guided tour of the home.


Several outbuildings such as the kitchen and barns have been recreated.
A garden of plants native to the area.

There is a small exhibit room and a short film about the Vann father and son.

 We drove through the lower part of the Appalachian Mountains to get home.  Unlike the steep crags of the Rockies, these mountains are ancient and have worn away over the past 480 million years.  The highest point we reached was 2800 feet in elevation.  There was a 20 mile stretch that had us in low gear, twisting along the edge of Fort Mountain.  Lush and green, it was cooler, but still quite humid.