Roman Holiday: Dinosaurs and More

The Tellus Science Museum and Planetaurium 30 miles from Rome had a little bit of everything. The stones at the entrance are a small part of a vast mineral collection housed inside.

 Several large vehicles surround the parking lot.  Once a year they have a showcase of large vehicles. This coal mine truck was one of those permanently on display.  Pictured are my 5'10-1/2" daughter, my 5' 11-1/2" son and my husband who stands at 6'1". 
This Apatosaurus greeted us at the entrance.
Photography was allowed in the museum, but the galleries were dark with displays set behind glass or on stages.  For the dinosaur section, many were staged together and combined with the dim lighting and set at a distance from the aisle, the photos aren't that good.  




Protostega - the second largest turtle

The head (part 1) and the body (part 2)

Mammut (Mastodon)
The hole in the center of the skull where the trunk attaches lead to the myth of the Cyclops.

The original Jaws

Everyone's favorite- T-Rex
This was named Stan.  I'm waiting to see one called Marc Bolan.

An elephant sized foot
Dimetrodon- Looks scarier without the skin
Glyptodon - can't see anyone running over this armadillo