Roman Holiday: Romulus and Remus

The Capitoline Wolf in Rome.  
Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome, suckling at the teet of the mother wolf who adopted them.  
This gift from Mussolini was one of several given to cities throughout the US.
Our Roman Holiday was a visit to Rome, GA.
The statue was removed from view when WW2 broke out .
However, this was not the first scandal associated with the wolf.
The statue was covered around the mid section during public events so as to not offend the ladies, who were said to faint at the sight of the teets and the boys' nakedness.
Honestly,  who were these naive virgins?

I nearly fainted myself; I rather suspect it was the heat.  Visiting Rome in the dog days of summer is not recommended. This is the South, famous for its heat and humidity. Who ever heard of a library without air conditioning? Many stores did not have a/c either. So regularly did we find find places without a/c, that we set it as a standard:  if a place didn't have a/c, we left.  The temps were in the 90s and with evening showers, daytime humidity was over 80%.   
If we return to Rome, it will be in autumn.