Rome Book stores

We went to a couple of used book stores in downtown Rome.

The First was Paradise Lost: and on Facebook at
A nice, quiet place, well air conditioned with a minecraft pick hanging in the office, a good supply of Sci-Fiction, decent prices, and a great notice.  The owner posts that the store does not keep a list of what you buy and would never report it citing privacy and First Amendment rights. We will stop in again.

The second was Dogwood Antiques and Books.  I found a hard to find Delaney book in its very small sci-fiction section.  The upstairs section has a good number of history,Southern author, and war books. Downstairs were some oddball items.  A few genuine archaeological artifacts among some glaring fakes.  A spear point, that if genuine, is a hell of a steal due to it's fabulous edging and face.  At $45, I didn't have the money to even ask to handle it.  But the most curious were the KKK items for sale: passes, badges, pictures, etc. This salesclerk laboriously records every book sale in a 20 yr old computer system.  It took 5 minutes to get checked, it was so-o-o-o slow.  The air cond. was on, but not enough.  Overall, worth a visit in the autumn.