Basic Raita


Heat until crackle
1 tsp Cumin seed
1 tsp Brown/Black Mustard seed
in a pan slightly oiled
This stage requires slow heating at medium temperature.  The seeds will crackle and pop right of the pan; that's the time to turn the heat to low.  Leave it at crackle stage about 4 minutes to release the flavor and infuse the flavor into the oil.  Careful not to burn the oil.  Remove from heat to quickly reduce heat if it gets too hot too quickly.
Cumin Seed

Mix together
1 ¾ cup plain yogurt
1 tsp sugar
a good sprinkling of salt
1 medium cucumber seeded, very finely chopped
1 small Roma tomato, very finely chopped

Add spiced oil and seeds to the yogurt mix
Mix well
Top with a couple tsp of chopped cilantro

Serve cold.