Delays and delays

Surgery scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled by the anesthesiologist.  In spite of that problematic tissue to be removed and biopsied, internally and externally, putting me under is out of the question.  My other problem, which may require yet another, different surgery, may cause me to die.  Apparently, there's a risk of my windpipe collapsing when the muscles completely relax under anesthesia thanks to the two large growths in my throat.  A couple of times a month I have problems sleeping when the throat swells.  When I fall asleep, I wake up gasping for air, unable to breathe.  Several Ibuprofen later, I get to sleep when the swelling reduces. Further aggravating this is my history of cycling and those pesky spells I get where my heart rate races to 140 bpm for hours to days on end.  That's when the breathing problems get really bad.  The anesthesiologist doesn't want to risk me having a thyroid storm on the table, so elective surgery is out.  He says I have to get clearance from my endocrinologist and surgeon with a special cross section MRI, before I can be put under.  Unfortunately there is ONE endocrinologist in this 80,000 person area in the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan and it takes 2 months to get in.  I'm seeing my other surgeon next week about the needle bopisy for my throat.  I guess I'll have to be awake for that one.  Hope he's a doctor who performs it that way.
UPDATE: The throat biopsy is scheduled for late December. I will be awake for the procedure which also requires the doctor to use ultrasound to locate the 5.2cm (2.04 inches) mass. The 6.2cm (2.44inches) goiter on the other side stays, untouched, and hopefully meds will reduce the size of that. And yes, if you're wondering both are apparent by sight and palpable. I'll be off my anti-inflammatory meds the week before and the week after so I'll have even less use of my bum hand and arm. Crap! Something about possible bleeding into the area which could cause pressure of the trachea or worse, the carotid artery.  In other words, more or the same risk issues. This biopsy will determine cancer or not. It will not rule out surgery, but if it's cancer, then the surgery is definite. As always, it's wait and see.