Assume you have cancer

I haven't gotten the biopsy results back, but I went to a specialist yesterday and I walked away with, "Assume you have cancer." Therefore, take action as if you have cancer.

I am one to two days away from biopsy results and now I've have been told that the results aren't conclusive if I receive a benign, suspicious, or non-diagnostic response. Apparently the mass is so large and so varied that there is no way to biopsy all significant areas; therefore cancer must be presumed and I must act accordingly.

But this wasn't all. I have a list of indicators for ______. The doctor repeatedly used the phrase, "is indicative of." Note that period.  I did.  So I stopped him and said, "Is indicative of WHAT?"  Because I am sitting there filling in the gaps with Cancer, but I wanted to hear it from him.  To see if my guess was right. Because at no point did he say Cancer.  And so he answers, "Cancer." There it is.  It's out there... That's when he explains why the biopsy I had (a standard procedure) is unlikely to give an accurate response.  Yes, it could indeed return a result of cancer, even telling me what type.  But the chances are it will miss something in a large, varied tumor and that something is cancer.

So it's surgery.  They will remove the nodule and that half of my thyroid definitely.  They will determine whether to remove the other half, a very large goiter, after further consultation. When they remove it, they can biopsy more then.

Ends up surgery is necessary because the mass is causing eating and sleeping problems.  I have some other problems which could be tied to it, but doctors won't say yea or nay.  The docs will get the anesthesiologist report from the surgery cancelled earlier.  (Which reminds me that there are two more biopsies awaiting after this pressing -pun intended- issue is resolved??.)

For now I'm on synthroid, being checked every 4 weeks, awaiting a consultation with the surgeon, a cardiologist, and an anesthesiologist. The doctor did a blood test for cancer markers along with the thyroid tests-again.

Back to the waiting game.  And for right now, the waiting is unbearable.