100% rating on The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.
It was a Tolkien lovers fantasy, a spectacular nerd fest.
It was if Peter Jackson had heard every longing and every complaint ever voiced by nerds everywhere and listened.
It was NOT too long.  I look forward to every minute of the upcoming two movies if they're this exceptional.
For all the New Zealand fans, he took time to give us long lasting views.  For those you wanted to see more of the hobbit hole, BagEnd, and the shire-lovely, lovely, lovely.
There was no skimping on story with added details from the additional writings.  It moved beautifully.  Three hours felt less than two.
So much action.  So much detail of dwarf and goblin cities.  Gollum was, dare I say it, wonderful, lovely, funny and full of depth. When Bilbo stays his hand, you feel why Gollum must be pitied.
Ken Stott was marvelous and stole Thorin's thunder.  Aragorn was never upstaged once Boromir was removed. But I suspect Balin will continue to surpass Thorin in the next two.  He is like Thorin's herald, praising his king, but like Gimli, he steals the show with affection and good humor. Thorin can not match Aragorn's quiet solitude and feeling of loss. He seems too young and not yet resigned to life as it has been dealt.  If Thorin's anger could be better tapped, he may yet match Aragorn.
James Nesbitt's beautiful brogue shown through his silly disguise, and I hope he'll get more screen time in the next two.  Nesbitt is a versatile actor who can play funny, evil, deranged, driven, and sad so well. He could really shine if given more opportunity.
And then there's Martin Freeman.  Remember when you saw Ewan McGregor play Obi-Wan Kenobi the first time and you swore he was really the young Alec Guinness, except with a shite story?  Well, Martin Freeman pegs Bilbo and Ian Holm.  Holm's portrayal was so short, so limited in LOR, that it never really developed.  It was good, but limited by the script. But the similarity in appearance is readily apparent at the start.  This time, Bilbo is front and center and Martin Freeman fills those Hobbit feet to perfection.
A perfectly wonderful movie.