Myths about dinosaurs

Dinosaurs were all big

They were stupid

They were slow (or for that matter, super fast)

Dinosaurs dragged their tails on the ground

Sauropods lived in swamps/water

Tyrannosaurus was a dedicated scavenger

All dinosaurs lived in jungles/warm climates

Stegosaurus had two brains

Gay rights are civil rights

More bigotry masked as religious beliefs.  Now an interesting twist sees Facebook weigh in by bumping a gay rights supporter off  for posting this great picture.

Gay rights are civil rights.  Bigotry is bigotry, whether under a hooded sheet or wearing a cross.  Wake up people.


So Benedict Cumberbatch is the hot new Brit right now. After Sherlock, he is slated to be the voice of Smaug in The Hobbit and Khan in the next Star Trek/ JJ Abrams timeline.

I may technically be a Cumberbitch, but Khan?? Really?  This is the man who should have been Khan:
The real Khan, Shahrukh Khan

Rome Book stores

We went to a couple of used book stores in downtown Rome.

The First was Paradise Lost: and on Facebook at
A nice, quiet place, well air conditioned with a minecraft pick hanging in the office, a good supply of Sci-Fiction, decent prices, and a great notice.  The owner posts that the store does not keep a list of what you buy and would never report it citing privacy and First Amendment rights. We will stop in again.

The second was Dogwood Antiques and Books.  I found a hard to find Delaney book in its very small sci-fiction section.  The upstairs section has a good number of history,Southern author, and war books. Downstairs were some oddball items.  A few genuine archaeological artifacts among some glaring fakes.  A spear point, that if genuine, is a hell of a steal due to it's fabulous edging and face.  At $45, I didn't have the money to even ask to handle it.  But the most curious were the KKK items for sale: passes, badges, pictures, etc. This salesclerk laboriously records every book sale in a 20 yr old computer system.  It took 5 minutes to get checked, it was so-o-o-o slow.  The air cond. was on, but not enough.  Overall, worth a visit in the autumn.

Roman Holiday: In Black and White

Several of the pictures from the trip several seem better in black and white.
Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Roman Holiday: Berry College

Here are some more pictures of Berry College near Rome, GA.  The first half of the pictures are from the Henry Ford buildings.  The last half is a sampling of buildings around the campus.

Theodore Roosevelt Cabin

 Student Gymnastics course
 A well appointed student lounge

Roman Holiday: Tellus Museum Mineral Exhibit

 Malachite shaped like a worm
A polished orb of Obsidian

 Petrified wood

This geode is as tall as a person.