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This is what's wrong with the US Post Office

So the package is scheduled for delivery today and appears to be on the mail truck.
Nearly 600 miles out of the way and it's here.  
When I selected to purchase this used book, I chose one from a seller in state (Atlanta), thinking that it would arrive quickly.  I also purchased items from Pennsylvania and Florida at the same time.  All arrived more quickly.  The FL cd arrived in 2 business days as did the PN package.  FL went through the USPS; PN routed via Fedex.  All were ordered from Amazon sellers.  The Atlanta package took a full week, ordered on a Friday, delivered on a Friday.  It was delivered according to its projected delivery date.  So where's the problem? 600 miles of unnecessary handling and gas costs.  By routing it to Memphis, at least a day was added, probably two.  If the post office wants to stay viable, it must stop creating unnecessary expenses.  This package is an example of what's wrong with the US Postal Service.

This is what's wrong with the US Post Office

I just discovered that my package is at a different Atlanta facility from where it was dropped off 700 miles ago.  It's at the 30369 facilty that was highlighted in this article: Audit: Major waste of resources at Atlanta postal distribution...

This is the site where: Mail trucks can be seen languishing in the 
yard; drivers not efficiently moving the trailers.  ...More than 8,000 hours of worker time 
and nearly $500,000 have been 
wasted, the investigation found. 

This is what's wrong with the US Post Office

Yet another day tracking a mishandled parcel.
Oh, look! It'a back in Atlanta!
First Atlanta, then Memphis, and back again in Atlanta.
I'm 91 miles from the drop off point.
So it goes 387 miles in the opposite direction, then returns.  So, what's that? 774 miles so far. 683 miles out of the way.

THIS is what's wrong with the US Post Office

9449010200793382962015 Package Number shipping from 30320 to 30619
In other words from a location near Hartsfield Airport west of Atlanta 91 miles from my home:

1.Electronic Shipping Info Received
September 10, 2012

2.Shipment Accepted
September 10, 2012, 6:00 pm
 ATLANTA, GA 30320 

3. Accepted at USPS Origin Sort Facility
September 11, 2012, 9:09 am
ATLANTA, GA 30318 

4. Processed at USPS Origin Sort Facility
September 11, 2012, 10:24 am
MEMPHIS, TN 38136 

5.Depart USPS Sort Facility
September 11, 2012
MEMPHIS, TN 38136 


The item leaves Atlanta and goes to MEMPHIS 387 miles NW of Atlanta , instead of heading 91 miles EAST of Atlanta.

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