Jaffa Cakes

We threw these in the cooler to keep the chocolate from melting.
That's how we discovered these taste better chilled than at room temperature.
We've been buying this brand of Jaffa Cakes for a while now.  Unfortunately I couldn't find the orange flavor but this proved just as yummy.  Even better, we discovered the flavor is best when chilled.  A weekend trip to Atlanta for international groceries took us to  Buford Highway Farmer's Market.  It had been years since we last visited and there has been a great transformation.  Neater and cleaner and more selection from more spots around the world, the redo has paid off.  We actually found Dutch licorice!  The British section was three times bigger than anywhere else we've found.  Unfortunately, the prices are more than I wanted to pay for most things.  Knowing original prices can be a detriment, and even factoring in shipping, the prices were 4 times original cost.  These biscuits were only 1.59USD, so they were within range. The Eastern European selections were vast and varied and prices ranged from reasonable to overpriced.  In the end we only spent 30USD there.  The produce seemed to be the best priced.  Fried tofu and ropey lo mein noodles were the best deal taste wise.  Still though, Dekalb Farmer's Market can't be beat for spice and flour prices and DFM hosts the bread bakery section overall.