Rye Bread

And then there were three...
My hungry wolves devoured the first loaf as soon as it came out of the oven.
Teenagers will eat you out of house and home.
Rye Bread: 4 small loaves

Add 2 1/2 TSP yeast to 2 cups lukewarm water. Stir well.
Add 2 cups Rye flour
Cover with saran wrap and set in a dark place.
Wait 3-4 hours.
Add another 2 cups lukewarm water and
6 TBSP sugar and
2 TBSP whole caraway seeds and
2 TSP salt.
Mix well.
Fold in 7 cups bread flour.
Coat kneading surface with flour and turn dough out.
Sprinkle with flour and knead well.
The dough will be sticky and bulky. It is worth the effort.
Knead about 10 minutes until pliant.  The dough should remain slightly sticky, but not so much that it continues to stick to hands and surface.
Divide evenly into 4 balls.
I used the reverse side of two large baking pans at the next stage.
Coat baking sheets with cooking spray and coarse corn meal.
Put 2 dough balls onto each sheet, evenly spaced apart.
Let rise 45 minutes.
Create an egg coat by mixing 1 whole egg with two TBSP of water. Whisk and coat tops of dough with egg wash.
Sprinkle with additional whole caraway seeds.
Bake at 400 degrees in a preheated oven for 33 minutes.
Do not spritz with water during baking.
I have found that cooking the loaves in succession is fine and the extra 30 minutes rising neither helps nor hinders.  The yeast has mostly played out and it won't rise much and it won't fall either.
Makes 4 small loaves about 7 inches across.

Serving suggestion: Dijon mustard and sharp provolone topped with basil, tomato and black pepper compliment the rye flavor wonderfully.