Trump's first year

For Black History month, it became clear that Trump had no idea who Frederick Douglass was and that Ben Carson and Omarosa were his only "black friends". On the heels of Women's History month, Trump and company repealed Obama era protections for female workers. For Sexual Assault Awareness month, grabber-in-chief Trump defended serial sexual harasser and good friend Bill O'Reilly.

Trump skipped the White House Sedar Dinner but Passover saw a new tradition begin when Trump's press secretary defended Hitler. The White House Easter egg roll appears to be dead with no resurrection in sight. Did I mention that it's Confederate History month also? It's true: April really is the cruelest month. But wait, the year has only begun.

May has ALS , Celiac Disease, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Lupus, Mental Health, and Stroke Awareness included. I can't wait to see how Trump will gut healthcare and increase protections and revenue for health insurers with a commensurate boost to Trump's stock portfolio. He'll still have time to dismiss what is sure to be another gunman's mass murder attributable to mental health problems.

June is LGBT Pride Month. I imagine Congress will try to undermine LGBT rights with new legislation tossing states right advocates more chances to discriminate and deny. Meanwhile, I suspect yet another Family Values Republican will be caught with his pants down. Shortly thereafter, he'll find Jesus again.

July is National Ice Cream month. I suspect we'll see Republicans and Trump stealing ice cream from babies. Or more likely, cutting school lunch funding because poor kids "don't deserve ice cream or hot meals." Meanwhile the national mall will be filled with celebrities like Scott Baio, Ted Nugget, and Lee Greenwood shooting into the air proclaiming "America First" and singing "Proud To Be a White, Christian American". Trump will be on a month long vacation in Mar-A-Lago again. Melania will be sunning on the rooftop of Trump Tower.

August is back-to-school time. Education cuts will be on the agenda, unless it's a Christian school. States will finally realize the funding cuts from the feds will trickle down depleting the states' education coffers.

In September as National Hispanic Heritage Month is celebrated, we'll see work in the border wall begin. Another three million undocumented people will be deported to Mexico. Mexico will point out that not all Spanish speakers are Mexican.

In October, National Bullying Prevention month will be celebrated with an increased series of tweets from Trump targeting minorities, immigrants, refugees, and anyone not supporting Trump's new My Way or the Highway campaign.

In November, Native American Heritage month will see Trump celebrating Thanksgiving at Mar-A-Lago (his 35th taxpayer funded trip). He will not pardon the turkey, choosing to serve it alongside Trump steaks. He will continue to rant (now one year on) about his Yuge defeat of Hillary, his popularity, and persecution by the fake media. He will blame Obama for (fill in the blank).

In December, Christmas will be cancelled.